In the seaport of Muuga (Estonia), 80 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers produced by the Akron group have accumulated. They are stuck because of the sanctions imposed by the European Union authorities against Vyacheslav Kantor. The public figure himself did not choose where to "get stuck." It speaks of tolerance, as the foundation of the world, then throws accusations towards Mother Russia.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understands.

Talk about personality

So, Russian billionaire Vyacheslav Kantor. According to Forbes, his fortune is estimated at $4.6 billion. At one time, he was the largest shareholder in the Akron fertilizer company, later reducing his share pact by almost two. The transfer of packages is associated with the sanctions imposed in April by the European Union against the beneficiary of Akron, Vyacheslav Kantor.

And in Europe, Kantor is better known as the holder of one of the highest positions in the world Jewish community, he is the president of the European Jewish Congress.

Philanthropist and his dilemmas

In 2020, time was quoted by the journalist of the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita, a graduate of the University of Paris, Jędrzej Bielecki. He wrote that Russian billionaire Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor is an "ace in the deck" of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The theory was based on the fact that Kantor was free to develop his business in Russia, providing "special services" to the Kremlin.

However, many of Cantor's assets had unhealthy financial performance and losses. Negative profits often indirectly indicated that money was being withdrawn from the enterprise. But he withdrew funds through offshore abroad.

It was even about Ryton Limited. The spiteful critics called the organization Kantor's "wallet," through which 5 billion rubles can allegedly be pumped annually. According to rumors, the money went to American officials.

It turns out somehow strange, business is here, money is there.

And you and us

One day, Uriya Shavit, an Israeli writer and professor of Islamic studies at Tel Aviv University (TAU), broke out on the site of the Kantor Center with an angry anti-Russian publication, calling for the overthrow of the existing system. Recall that the "Kantor Center" is financed by Vyacheslav Kantor himself.

But in 2015, in his interview with Vedomosti, Kantor said that he sees the advantage of the last 15 years, under which Putin ruled.

'It's a man of certain values. And I was not deceived in it, "Kantor said then.

And in 2021, Vyacheslav Kantor was in solidarity with Vladimir Putin regarding the inadmissibility of changing history.

And again it turns out that it is unclear on whose side Mr. Kantor is.

Affairs of Akron

Kantor seems to treat the affairs of the company without much trepidation. The SZFK controlled by him is allegedly a systematic source of pollution of Umbozer in the Murmansk region. Novaya Gazeta wrote about this.

Aluminum and molybdenum got into the reservoir, which caused the water to turn green. In addition, chlorine was found in neighboring streams. Presumably, the elements entered the water during the melting of snow. It is noteworthy that after the discovery of pollution, the governor of the Murmansk region, Andrei Chibis, explained this incident by the descent of mudslides, which had not been in those parts for more than 40 years.

Earlier, the company was already brought to justice, it was fined for failure to comply with the order, our violations at the facility. And on April 7 of this year, a fire broke out at the Deer Stream mine of the NWFK

Akron launched GOK Deer Stream in 2012 to provide its plants with raw materials for the production of phosphorus-containing fertilizers. By 2025, due to the development of underground production, the capacity is planned to produce up to 2 million tons of apatite concentrate per year.

Recall that the formation of Kantor-businessman took place, as in the cases of many other oligarchs, in the long-suffering 90s. Then Kantor managed to purchase the Azot plant at a low price. More than a third of this enterprise went to a businessman for only 200 thousand dollars.

And yet Kantor can't decide which of the two chairs to sit on. As they say, it's good at home, but better away. According to rumors, the businessman has two foreign citizenship at once - in the UK and Israel. And he has been living abroad for a long time.